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Who's who / 06 Mai 2014 / RDW team
  • MARIA SURDUCAN2015 // Karel Líman
  • MARIA SURDUCAN2015 // Karel Líman
  • MARIA SURDUCAN2015 // Ein Land, ausgezeichnet
  • MARIA SURDUCAN2015 // Foire de Nuit
  • MARIA SURDUCAN2015 // Foire de Nuit
  • MARIA SURDUCAN2015 // Prâslea cel Voinic şi Merele de Aur
  • MARIA SURDUCAN2015 // Prâslea cel Voinic şi Merele de Aur
  • MARIA SURDUCAN2014 // Love of books, Cărturești
  • MARIA SURDUCAN2014 // Cărtureşti Cluj - Store Map
Maria Surducan is a Cluj-Napoca based artist, who does illustrations with one hand, graphic design with the other, comics with the third and in the last hand she's holding a coffee cup. She feels this way she can draw herself the perfect life. Published works include picture-books, graphic novels and comics anthologies.

She enjoys the moment of hesitation before pen touches paper, the moment when the hunter glimpses the shadow of an idea running on the surface of the mind. 


2016 // Rusalka
Two banished princes search their fortune in the mountains, among the gold diggers. But the mountains are also the domain of strange and mysterious creatures, whose beauty makes mere mortals go mad. How will the two fare and what is the price they'll have to pay to get their hearts' desire?
The story, written by Maria Surducan, drawn and colored by Anna Benczédi, is the first, chronologically, in the Golden Apples series. The webcomic updates every Monday and the printed version can be found in HAC! BD Magazine.

2015 // Prâslea cel Voinic şi Merele de Aur
For years, the Wonderbird has been stealing golden apples from the royal courtyard. And so the youngest prince sets out to catch the thief, guided by the gray wolf, a wise yet cynical sorcerer. The hero reaches the cursed lands, where the malefic Black Emperor is trying, how else, to conquer the world. Legend has it that there is a princess waiting for the prince at the end of his journey. Legend also says that nothing is what it seems.
2015 // Ein Land, ausgezeichnet
The second anthology of Cluj Comics Club presents each authors encounter with the German culture, be it through opera, music, language classes, friendly encounters or tourist visits. Published in the year the German Cultural Centre of Cluj celebrated 20 years of existence, the volume presents a kaleidoscope of memories, associations, feelings and friendships -  a cultural portrait of Germany as seen by the young artists of Cluj. Contributors: Cluj Comics Club, Anna Benczédi, Alexandra Stoian, Ileana Surducan, Iulia Burlac, Timea Moldovan, Gabriel Marian, Simina Popescu, Larisa Crăciunaș, Ludmila Hodiș, Maria Eftimie, Alexandra Gavrilă, Maria Surducan, Sebastian Baculea, Adrian Barbu, Oana Cocheci.

2015 // Foire de Nuit
In the middle of the forest, far from the city, the mysterious Midnight Fair promises unforgettable experiences. Inspired by the Eastern-European bestiary, the caged monsters set a trap, and the final pray will be the reader. 
2015 // Karel Líman 
In a world permanently connected to the Internet, tourists visit Romania’s most famous castles, take pictures and proudly share their finds on Facebook. But few of them know they are admiring the works of Czech architect Karel Líman, in the service of the Romanian Royal House at the beginning of the 20th century. The graphic novel explores the relation between the restless hunters of the extraordinary and those who silently create it.

2014 // Love of books, Cărturești
The month when Saint Valentin and our own Dragobete fight for supremacy in the art of love is the perfect time to thank the writers. For the verses that have soothed broken hearts, for the stories that made us sob, for the novels that inspired declarations of love or lovers quarrels. Knowingly or not, our love lives have as background the great stories webbed by William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Lev Tolstoi, Jane Austen, Gabriel García Márquez, Toni Morrison, Mihai Eminescu or Mircea Cărtărescu. So, in the month of February, here at Carturesti we celebrate not only the love, but also those who depicted it in poems, novels, tragedies or essays.
2014 // The Month of Childhood
Illustration that would evoke the games of childhood, some of them now forgotten, in a form that references, through style and colors, the retro images of the '80. A protective book cover with the illustration was given as a gift for each online purchase, and a seamless pattern was used to decorate the children's space at Cărtureşti Nord.
2014 // Cărtureşti Cluj - Store Map
An in-store orientation map for the Cărtureşti Cluj Bookstore (Iulius Mall).

2014 // Cărtureşti Cluj - City Map
Depicting the path from the center of the city to the Cărtureşti Cluj Bookstore and the duration of the trip depending on the means of transport.