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MAISON V // The Hedonism of Ephemereal Art

Articol / 12 Mai 2016 / RDW team
  • MAISON V // The Hedonism of Ephemereal Art
  • MAISON V // The Hedonism of Ephemereal Art
  • MAISON V // The Hedonism of Ephemereal Art
  • MAISON V // The Hedonism of Ephemereal Art
Maison V presents an exhibition of edible art objects that aims to show that luxury cakes are more than just desert, they can be a unique expression of artistic creation.

The ephemeral aspect of this art form is fascinating. A luxury cake can take up to 90 hours of hand labor to make, it is presented for about 10 minutes, drawing –if done right– reactions of joy and amazement, and then it is quickly eaten.
It is a factual internalization of art, its most literal form of consumption. Nourishment is one of the main necessities of existence, but desert is transcendental of the simple physical need at thus serves the same purpose as any other form of art, which is to procure pleasure, including from an esthetical point of view.

Furthermore, almost anything than can be done in the field of visual arts can be transposed into an edible form, which can therefore simply become a new medium of artistic expression, going through the same process of conceptualization, design and then manufacturing.

May 21 – June 5
Dobrota Street, no.16

Monday to Friday: 10 am to 8 pm
Saturday to Sunday: 12 pm to 10 pm

Maison V is a company aiming to translate design concepts into edible forms of art. It makes original, luxury cakes for special events. It creates one of a kind edible artistic works, incorporating and transforming the customer’s input into design pieces that are sure to impress. More than cakes, Maison V plans to explore all forms and techniques of artistic expression in an edible medium, producing unique, design art objects from materials used, until know, only in gastronomy.