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Who's who / 12 Mai 2016 / RDW team
Graduate of the University of Architecture "Ion Mincu" was influenced by Scandinavian design wood is a predominant element. Interior design projects carried out have led to the birth of a passion to furniture design. This passion has evolved into a workshop where metal and wood give rise to design objects that highlight the qualities of these materials.


2016 // Interior design Koa Pilates
The design process began with a documentation on Pilates and what are its core values . Equilibrium (balance), the word found in the studio logo was the starting point. Another clue was provided by the brand's identity: Koa Pilates, the anatomy of balance, Koa is the name of a tree in the family Fabaceae and also means "brave".
We wanted to obtain a balanced space where the natural is present in various ways, a place designed to provide an appropriate environment for an activity meant for body and mind. An open spaces was created with regions that are separated by permeable partitions allowing natural light to penetrate deep into the space through large openings of the facade.  One such partition is the mobile wooden grille partition that separates the reception area from the main room which can link the two spaces. The vegetal elements scatter colour in the space subtly bringing nature to the interior.

2016 // Dice Stool - product design
This is a sculptural approach in making astool, Dice is formed by hand into the shape of  a large dice. Comfortable and stable, it integrates seamlessly into a minimalist arrangement, the wood fibre and deep crevices increase the decorative character of the object.

2016 // Branch Stool
Contrast is the word that can best describe this piece, from the geometry to the materials being used, there is an antagonism of components. In making the chair put together two different materials: wood a warm material with a simple geometry and crude steel processed in an almost organic geometry. The sense of touch prevails in the sensations that the chair offers when using it.The walnut seat that is finished with linseed oil has a discrete velvety texture and warmth while the cold steel conveys solidity.

2016 // Poligon Stool
The materials arethose which givecharacter of thisobject, the contrast between steeland corktexturemanifests itself both bycolorand texture. The truncated pyramid withthe two sides removed generates an opened volume which can have different colored interior and exterior.

2016 // Tripod Bar stool
Tripod stool is an interpretation of the traditional Romanian chair. Starting from this theTripod series developed its various forms that are adapted to contemporary uses: barstool, coffee table and stool. The stool seat is made from a single stained oak plank carefully selected to highlight the spectacular wood grain. Linseed oil is used to enhance the beauty of the texture.

2016 // STITCH coffee table
An unique table that was born from a plank of wood cut from the base of the tree. Flaring shape gives it a unique personality that combines two contrasting materials into an object that can be an element of authenticity in any setting. Small details in wenge fulfill a dual role, both structural and decorative.