The Institute promovează industriile creative din România, urmărind să contribuie la modernizarea României. The Institute inițiază și organizează evenimente de 19 ani și a construit o comunitate ce reunește antreprenori, profesioniști și publicul industriilor creative din România.

Prin tot ceea ce face,  contribuie la construirea unei infrastructuri puternice pentru dezvoltarea antreprenoriatului creativ în țară, crește și diversifică audiența atelierelor, designerilor, micilor afaceri, agențiilor și manufacturilor, promovează antreprenorii și profesioniștii creativi pe plan național și internațional. 

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Who's who / 11 Mai 2016 / RDW team
  • ATELIERCETREI2016 // SPATJ Refurbishment
  • ATELIERCETREI2016 // SPATJ Refurbishment
  • ATELIERCETREI2016 // SPATJ Refurbishment
ateliercetrei, written in one word in lowercase letters, is a partnership practicing architecture, interior architecture, design, urban planning and cultural analysis trying to bring together academia, design research and professional practice. The practice is led by two partners in charge of the different ongoing projects: Anamaria Moldovan and Paul-Mihai Moldovan.

The one word stands for unity, while the lowercase letters are meant to offer a nod to the Bauhaus notion of a non-hierarchical language,
reinforcing their ethos of democratic partnership.


2017 // POLY TABLE
PolyTable is an object developed within and for our office but easily transcends its boundaries by becoming both the center of one’s dining room or conference room. The table top rests on a polygonal node structure which gives the table lightness, elegance and flexibility. 

2017// SPATj Refurbishment
The project aims to uncover as much of the building’s essence as possible and to adapt it to its new program and its beneficiary’s needs. The team was responsible for the many interiors of of the school’s themed spaces. Out of these spaces, the Fashion studio and the Choreography studio are featured within RDW 2017. 

2016 // SPATJ Refurbishment
The project unfolds the refurbishment of a 1886 building with a ca. 1970s extension. Their project aims, thus, to uncover as much of the building’s essence as possible and to adapt it to its new program and its beneficiary’s needs. They’ve added features such as, but not limited to: a new fountain, a weather resistant steel pinion that marks the now inexistent limit between the historic building and the 70s addition,structural interventions at the attic level in order to support two new education spaces, a weather resistant steel clad ‘tower’ that hosts a new stair and attic’s HVAC systems. They’re also responsible for the interiors of 7+1 of the school’s themed spaces.