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Who's who / 08 Mai 2015 / RDW team
  • MATEI BRANEA2015 // Omulan!, character and set design slideshow
  • MATEI BRANEA2015 // Omulan!, character and set design slideshow
  • MATEI BRANEA2015 // Omulan!, character and set design slideshow
  • MATEI BRANEA2015 // Omulan!, character and set design slideshow
Born and based in Bucharest, Matei Branea is a comics and 2D animation artist, the creator of OMULAN, a minimalist character which became a local hit in 2002 with the publication of its dedicated Hardcomics issue. His most well known works are his comics and animations starring Omulan, the animations for the Marcă Înregistrată TV show, the colab with Planeta Moldova comic duo for a two seassons tv show and the Invidia music video, and his signature posters and animation promos for NexT International Film Festival in Bucharest. His comics and illustrations were published and exhibited nationally and internationally from Tokyo to New York, trough Berlin, London, Paris and of course, Bucharest. Branea currently teaches animation at the Bucharest Film School (UNATC) and has finished a fresh and spicy 15 min animation, “Omulan!”, a cosmic story about the meaning of life.


After finishing the art highschool in Bucharest where he learned stage design, he went to the Film School in the same city, where he learned about scriptwriting and created his first animated short. After graduation, as an independent artist he produced animation, comics and illustration from mainstream to underground, from TV shows & advertising to web shorts. 


2015 // Omulan!, character and set design slideshow, 7:43 min
The slideshow presents the working process of the two artists who gave to the short animation “Omulan!” its original look: Matei Branea (character design) and Noper (set design). The slide provides a look behind the scene into specifics of Branea's film cast design and a fascinating journey trough the working stages of the set design signed by Noper, from the early sketches and storyboards to the final version.
2015 // Omulan!, Spaceship Birdy - set design by NOPER
The detailed backgrounds created by Noper describe a picturesque world in which Matei Branea’s characters are perfectly integrated. Each habitat is carefully built so that it reflects and enhances the personality of the characters. “Spaceship Birdy” grants you access to a very detailed and well engineered set of the film, done by one of the most important illustrators active in Bucharest in the last decade.

2013 // FilmMenu cover design
Covers for FilmMenu student magazine issued by the students of the I.L.Caragiale Film University in Bucharest (UNATC)

2013 // NexT Film Festival event posters&identity