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Who's who / 12 Apr 2017 / RDW team
  • ANDRA HANDARIC2017 // Back Halos
  • ANDRA HANDARIC2017 // Black Halos
  • ANDRA HANDARIC2017 // Black Halos
  • ANDRA HANDARIC2017 // Black Halos
  • ANDRA HANDARIC2017 // Black Halos
Andra has completed a BA in Fashion Design at the University of Westminster London, after winning the CREACTÍVATE competition organized by IED Barcelona. Her previous studies at the University of Art and Design Cluj Napoca and Ecole Supérieure d'Art et Design Saint-Etienne France have aroused her interest in exploring the boundaries between art and fashion. After graduating she became an apprentice in Gareth Pugh's studio in London, where she developed her creative universe as an assistant of the designer during the making of the F/W 14 collection. Her graduate collection -ARGAT, questioning cultural identity in the context of globalization with strong influences from Romanian folklore, became a finalist in the ModaFad T_Project Awards competition and it was presented at the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week.
After returning to her homeland, Andra launched her own brand with a ready-to-wear collection- "ISIHIA-Manifesto for the spirit," challenging the audience to a moment of inner contemplation with a performance staged as a purification ritual with a live semantron act.
The collection, inspired by the austere monastic universe, is an attempt of self disclosure, based on the concept of physical covering and inner discovery, endeavor in which the color palette is reduced to solemn black, the rigid-fluid ratio and association of various surfaces are fundamental. In the absence of color filters, the human face gains cult value, being the first means of communication with the exterior, the garment becomes a shelter under which mystery regains sense in an era dominated by imagery - "Everything is turned upside down, pointed, bare, naked, exposed. " (Byung-Chul Han).
As an extension of collection ISIHIA, she elaborates further installation "INNER CONTEMPLATION TEMPLE" - artistic act which investigates and questions the idea of sacredness and the space of its expression (the body as a temple, the garment as a temple, home as a temple, the place of worship as a temple, nature as a temple) targeting mainly the relationship man has with his own garment -which in modern times has lost its temple value.
"Black Clothes, White Souls" is the philosophy around which the designer is developing her creative universe, exploring the garment as a multi-purpose object, born at the convergence of conceptual and functional, organic and minimalist, traditional and contemporary.
She's experimenting the dynamic of the volumes through the juxtaposition of patterns and different textures,through the handcrafted surface treatment, in order to generate a context/"a scenery" in which the inner universe of individuals to manifest. Thus a series of clothing items, leather accessories and hybrid objects were born, whose versatility adapts to the pace of contemporary life.
The capsule collections METANOIA, (IM)PERFECTION and (IM)PERSONAL OBJECTS are a continuation of her creative actions in which the minimal line, precisely calculated, meets the raw, unprocessed, crafted form, merging in an aesthetic which supports as much the object, as the spirit in which it was created. 
2017 // BLACK HALOS 
"Black Halos" captures the stages of self-exploration during the creative endeavor, process in which the color palette is reduced to black and the means of expression remains the relation volume-ratio-texture. The installation consists of five representative garments-statement objects- quintessential for the ANDRAHANDARICstudio aesthetics, associated with a series of experimental textile sculptures,conceived as a conceptual extension corresponding to each piece of clothing. At the same time, this approach seeks to reveal the relationship between the man and the garment, questioning the manner in which the latter becomes a means of connecting with oneself. The pathway through the five conditions- anguish, platitude, reflection, release, bliss, becomes the expression of a ritual, in which black acquires positive values through catharsis.