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Who's who / 25 Sep 2017 / RDW team
  • RADU ABRAHAM2016 // BACK IN THE PRESENT // Candle Holder
  • RADU ABRAHAM2016 // BACK IN THE PRESENT // Candle Holder
  • RADU ABRAHAM2016 // GEOMETRY // Clothing wracks
  • RADU ABRAHAM2016 // GEOMETRY // Clothing wracks
Radu, 27 years old and born in Cluj-Napoca, graduated the University of Arts and Design from Cluj, where he followed both bachelor and master studies. His passion for product design started with the first object created for the master program, where he had to develop a concept and create a prototype for a walking cane. It was the moment where he descovered the beauty of woodworking. In his following creative researches he tried to use and experiment with different materials; one of them was steel that ended up being used in many of his later products.

Inspired by geometrical shapes and ratio, with simple lines and a clean composition, he is always looking to experiment different contrasts of colour and also by associating materials with different properties.



2017 // 8 MINUTES 
The name "8 minutes old" is represented by the length of the journey the light makes from the sun to our planet in order to reach us in it's familiar form. It's a methaphor that is based on the journey each of us have to undertake in order to reach "enlightenment".
In order to symbolize the values of an evolution, light is used, in most situations, in a direct relationship with the dark. Light follows darkness in this order both in cosmical manifestation as well as in artificial illumination. The two are normally a universal duality.
Represented by the materials chosen, the duality is also found in the objects created in the "8 minutes old" series. The base element being made out of wood, offers a strong contrast both trough it's material properties as well as through it's volume, in comparison with the glass, a cold material with a considerably reduced volume.
Due to it's shape, the light tube also makes reference to reflection and refraction, by changing it's direction when crossing through a transparent medium.

Decorative but also practical, offering a warm light and creating a cozy atmosphere, the candle holders were for a long time part of the main accessories within a house, now back with a modern touch. Can be used as a decorative object and also as an alternative source of ambient light. with a simple yet dynamic approach and the possibility of modular use. A composition of geometrical volumes, made out of concrete, wood and brass, finished with touchesof color, given by plastic shapes. The colored plastics double as a color filter, it can dim the light or the shape and the color can be projected on the wall. 

2016 // GEOMETRY
Created for Oana Lupas's fashion showroom, the clothing wracks have as a first characteristic the mobility. Being on wheels, they offer the possibility to modify the dynamic of the space where used, by changing their position through the space and combining them to another. In the creative process, this had a starting point for inspiration the three basic shapes in geometry (circle, square, triangle). They are made out of steel, with thin long lines, that help keeping a balance in the visual perception, through the way they are conceived. The marble, through its elegance, comes as a contrast with the brutality of the steel.


The candle holders were for a long time part of the main accessories existing in a house, offering a warm light and creating a cozy atmosphere. The candle holder brings to the attention of the public a decorative object and an alternative source of ambiental light. It is made by hand, the shapes being obtained on a lathe, and combined with brass and colored perspex. It is inspired by the simplicity of the Bauhaus, the colors and composition of Memphis, and the mid-century design.