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SIMPLU. MAKERSHOP // The object as a form of expression

Articol / 10 Mai 2016 / RDW team
  • SIMPLU. MAKERSHOP // The object as a form of expressionCiprian Dumitrescu
  • SIMPLU. MAKERSHOP // The object as a form of expression
  • SIMPLU. MAKERSHOP // The object as a form of expressionDRAGOS CRISTESCU
  • SIMPLU. MAKERSHOP // The object as a form of expression
The event Simplu.MakerShop has as a theme the OBJECT that can express itself and influences the space. The event defines itself through the objects Simplu.MakerShop and brings out as an innovation the presentation of the object at an exaggerated dimension and without colour in a space which becomes entertaining through maping and touch-screening. Each object represents the equal of an opinion. The objects speak for themselves and they do so through terms of mature ideas, quality materials,technology, while succesfully being useful and aesthetic. The event Simplu.MakerShop is a gesture of recapturing the simplity versus the wish of shocking through dimensions or, through the difficulty of the form.

Popa Nan Street, no. 82
25th of May, 7 pm - Videomapping on objects
31st of May – Instalart at Simplu (with the help of Kaustik) evening
4th of June – Closing

Simplu. MakerShop is a gallery for the events dedicated to the objects created by the architects and designers and exclusively manufactured by Kaustik. Simplu defines its identity of a space where ideas are being grown and where the objects that meet the criteria of Simplu are being sold. Simplu is, above all, the place where the Object makes its first stop on the trip to its final destination: residential or public spaces.The Object is the main subject of a Simplu event when it alligns the concept of makeable and usefull, but it begins to answer the human search for harmony, admiration, aesthetics. At Simplu, the Object starts to really live through the events that it is an important part of or even through the events that he is the Main Object of. The Object created by The Kaustik and produced by designers becomes a form of public expression.