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Who's who / 19 Sep 2017 / RDW team
  • AGNES LUKACS2017 // Supaplex Bench
  • AGNES LUKACS2017 // Supaplex Bench
  • AGNES LUKACS2017 // Cakestand
  • AGNES LUKACS2016 // Vertical Garden
  • AGNES LUKACS2016 // Vertical Garden
  • AGNES LUKACS2016 // Hexic
  • AGNES LUKACS2016 // Hexic
Agnes Lukacs’s creative professional journey began during her student years within the University of Arts and Design, in Cluj. That is when she started working as a fashion photographer and experimented with branding & graphic design. After freelancing for one year, she decided to take it up a notch and in 2006 she founded her own company. 

Agnes Lukacs/Adentro is a multi-disciplinary design studio, focused on several creative areas: interior design, objects, fabrics & food design. Later on, the two brands emerged, both nested under the same label. Kek și Kok showcases her playful vision on food styling, while under Pradă Ușoară the designer creates not only objects, but also custom fabrics for furniture or apparel.


2017// Play & Rewind 2.0 @Vienna Design Week // Cakestand
Cake Stand is inspired by the colorful appeal of the sweet treats it displays and it is made entirely out of a solid and non-toxic material. The rounded base and the removable top plate are bound together by colorful discs, a playful component which allows the user to obtain two different heights.

2017 // Play & Rewind 2.0 @Vienna Design Week // Supaplex Bench
The Supaplex Bench is a playful versatile object. It can be used as a three seater bench or transformed into two stools by simply removing the middle wooden board. It is made entirely out of solid oak, natural and colored. It was created for FruFru and built by Ekero.

2017 // Play & Rewind 2.0 @ Vienna Design Week // Evergrind

2017 // Evergrind
A glimpse of childhood memory – the smell of fresh coffee in the house, always ground with the old mother’s grinder, inherited from Germany in the ’30s – resurfaces and becomes the source of inspiration for the first of seven pieces contained in the Evergrind coffee set. A manual ceramic burr grinder in a minimal clean shape is accompanied by four cups, a sugar bowl and a milk jug. Evergrind is an exploration of the coffee ritual addressing multiple senses: the visual, the tactile, the olfactory and eventually, the taste.

2016 // Vertical Garden
The Vertical Garden is a indoor or outdoor wall decoration developed for FruFru. With a painted metal wire frame, each hexagon can hold its’ very own metal flower pot, painted in various colors. The final shape of the object and also the number and colors of the flower pots can be customized.

2016 // Hexic
Hexic is a set of table accessories, with five elements. The solid oak hexagon supports the salt and paper shakers, the toothpicks dispenser – all made from porcelain and also the  napkins holder made from white painted metal. It was initially designed for FruFru.